The majority of commercial and residential BYD solar batteries are based on one of the safest technologies out there – lithium ferro phosphate (LFP). BYD is also a pioneer in stackable batteries. The technology allows combining multiple modules to create high voltage storage systems that are more efficient due to decreased power losses. Safety, innovation and extensive experience make BYD a solid choice when it comes to storage.

About BYD company

BYD stands for ‘Build Your Dreams’. The company started in 1995, and has indeed managed to build its dream – becoming one of the world’s biggest lithium battery manufacturers. Now BYD has over 200,000 employees and offers a full range of solutions for every possible application, from residential solar to electric vehicles.

The company is based in Shenzhen, China. In the West it is mostly known for BYD solar batteries, but its expertise is actually much wider than that. It also makes PV modules, commercial and passenger EVs and even trains. Hundreds of thousands of electric buses internationally run on BYD batteries.

BYD solar batteries for sale

BYD Solar Battery Module B-Plus-H 2.56kWh

BYD Solar Battery Module B-Plus-H 2.56kWh


  • Condition — New
  • Manufacturer — BYD
  • Model — B-Plus-H
  • Operating Temperatures — 14 to 122°F
  • Type — Lithium batteries
  • Capacity — 2.56kWh
  • Round-trip efficiency — 95.3%
  • Dimensions LxWxH — 23.22 x 48.42 x 13.78 in
  • Weight — 90 lbs
  • Warranty — 10 years
  • Delivery time — 5-7 business days

Quality And Performance

BYD batteries are compatible with most solar inverters, including brands like SMA, Sungrow, etc. The company focuses on the Battery-Box line, which has flexibility and scalability as its main feature. BYD Battery-Box can be used as a backup solution, but it can also be incorporated into a fully off-grid system thanks to high discharge capability. The design of this BYD battery line admits adding storage capacity all along the lifespan of the project.

Quality And Performance

The company’s products are known for high round-trip efficiency – the amount of energy you can recover from a battery after charging it. While it is typically around 80%, BYD batteries go above 95%, giving you more energy output per kWh of storage. Unlike most other battery manufacturers, BYD battery cells are made prismatic to increase durability and safety even further. One more advantage of these batteries is a wide list of compatible inverters. To achieve this, BYD runs a large facility in collaboration with all major inverter brands. The employees conduct extensive tests to ensure that all battery functions work correctly.

What really makes BYD stand out is the company’s complete vertical integration. It allows them to guarantee high quality throughout the manufacturing process, from sourcing the needed minerals to designing complex electronics. As an added bonus, this degree of integration drives down the costs, making the price of BYD batteries even more attractive.

Warranty and Service

BYD offers an industry leading performance-based warranty. The batteries will retain at least 60% of the original capacity ten years later. Panasonic, LG, Tesla and other major players offer very similar terms. However, if you try hard enough, you may reach a specific throughput mark before the ten years run out, which will end the warranty prematurely. Throughputs are different for each model and tend to increase with the size of the battery.

What to look for when choosing a BYD battery

Despite focusing on a single product line, the Battery-Box, BYD manufactures different variations to better fit the needs of the customers. These include HVS, HVM, LVS and LVL modules for residential customers and a separate modification for commercial customers. There are a few points that can help you navigate through BYD batteries with confidence:

  • Application. BYD offers slightly changed versions of its flagship Battery-Box line to commercial and residential customers. The specifics of your project will also affect your choice between low and high voltage batteries.
  • Capacity. BYD batteries are highly scalable and offer great flexibility, but it is not infinite. For example, using the HVS modules will allow you to reach a maximum capacity of 38.4kWh, while opting for HVM modules will increase the limit to 66.2kWh.
  • Inverter compatibility. BYD solar batteries work with most inverters, but if you don’t want to take any chances, check the compatible inverter list for the model you’re interested in.


Q: Are BYD batteries UL certified?

A: Yes, BYD products have been certified by UL. The batteries also meet all relevant safety standards. Here are some of the certifications held by the Battery-Box devices: UL1642 / UL1973 / FCC / UN38.8.

Q: Will BYD batteries work in the cold?

A: Most BYD storage solutions operate in temperatures between 14°F and 122°F. If you get to the lower bound of this range, some derating is possible. Operating your batteries significantly below the specified temperatures will have a strong negative effect on performance.

Q: Is outdoor installation possible?

A: BYD manufactures batteries that can be installed outside, however, lithium batteries tend to decrease in performance as the ambient temperature goes lower.